You won’t hear this from the doctor.

after Wired founding editor, Kevin Kelly held the first Quantified Self Meet-up at his home in Pacifica in 2008, but before self-tracking app Lift was launched to the public in 2012. It is a story about the human body meeting with technology, philosophy and self-knowledge. A blueprint, if you like, for what man might become
. It is my hope that your story starts in 2,738 words time. If you take the time to read this post, most of you will have everything you need to never have back pain again.

How we attract coding and creative talent

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive business advantage.”

— Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO, General Electric

In any activity, there are some advantages that have to do with resources and some that have to do with the absence of them.

That underdogs often come out on top is because the latter has “unseen advantages” against the former.

At Beefy.Finance, we don’t consider ourselves underdogs…

And we generally prefer to let what we build do the talking…

However, a core component of our vision for the future is attracting and…

By buying $BIFI and staking in BIFI Maxi, you have something unique

At long last DeFi adopters are beginning to realize that it’s ridiculous to believe so strongly in a better financial system, and then spoil the whole moment with degenerate gambling.

Hence, the growing popularity of decentralized projects with sustainable tokenomics and platform governance.

They’re in a class by themselves.

These projects are more efficient, have better stability and security and are more likely to attract the attention of the market.

Owning $BIFI not only allows you to participate in platform governance, but also to start earning daily interest payments by staking your holdings in the right place.

Here’s where things…

A question the wealthiest people in the world obsess over:

“What is the biggest opportunity for investors right now?”

It would be imprudent to mention more than superficial details, but it’s common knowledge that there are financial benefits, investment vehicles and tax advantages accessible to high net-worth individuals that are closed to everyone else.

What we can talk about is how traditional banks work, and demonstrate clearly why Beefy.Finance is a better option.

When you give money to a bank, it lends that money out to other people at a higher rate than you get for “saving”.

The bank pockets…

A wake-up call as finely concentrated as a triple espresso

Photo by Gian Cescon on Unsplash

The native American Indians referred to coffee simply as ‘empty fire’.

It lights you up; accelerating your metabolism and exciting the nervous system, but relevant to the extra work it causes provides almost no nutritional value to compensate for the stimulatory response.

It’s like adding kerosene, not wood, to a campfire.

Fun at the time.

And yet it’s culturally pervasive. Coffee is the second most traded commodity on the planet after oil. It’s also the single biggest barrier to sleep quality.

Romanticized by Hollywood and glamorized by Instagram, it’s a seductive pleasure, a productivity crutch, and an insidious handicap. …

To get you started on your journey to freelance copywriting freedom, the only question that matters is…

Alonso Reyes on Unsplash

Which small group of people with deep pockets urgently needs me to write some wickedly effective copy for them?

To answer this, we use “inside information”…

1) Small group of people

This has less to do with the literal number of people you can help and more — much more — to do with whether of not they are easily and precisely targetable. You need to know where they hang out online.

2) Deep pockets

Are they already spending money on marketing? This should be the easiest part. You should instinctively be able to tell from their social media, website and general online “vibe” if they are equipped…

Anyone familiar with the fee structures typical of traditional finance will tell you fees matter.

How much do fees matter?

The answer can be hard to wrap your head around.

$1M invested for 30 years at 8% with a 1% management fee yields $7.62 million.

$1M invested for 30 years at 8% with a 2% management fee yields $5.74 million.

$1M invested for 30 years at 8% with a 3% management fee yields $4.32 million.

Now, let’s throw out modesty for a minute.

Unlike some platforms flashing their APYs for your attention, there are no catches on Beefy.Finance. For example, they’ll promote an APY, but won’t mention there’s a penalty fee if you withdraw early.


Photo by Samantha Fortney on Unsplash

Once I was browsing a listing website when an ad caught my attention and wouldn't let it go for love or money.

FOR SALE: One Budgerigar, Suspected Broken Wing

Now, while that might be a mildly offensive headline, here’s the thing…

There’s no not clicking that ad.

The curiosity level is OFF THE SCALE.

You HAVE TO know what’s going on.

And, in case you’re wondering…

No, the ad wasn’t for a budgie with its wing in a sling, but… it didn’t matter! The headline served its only purpose, which was to get people to read more.

You have to…

We know that entering the crypto and DeFi arenas can be confusing and disorientating…

We know that many have lost money in altcoins and have high levels of scepticism about this new opportunity.

So let’s break down what Beefy does in language as close as possible to how the current financial world works.

1. You know what interest is:

You have $10,000 in your bank account and you earn a 12.5% annual return on your investment. After 12 months, you receive a deposit of $1,250 as an interest payment. After five years, you have $16,250.

2. You know what compound interest is:

It’s interest on interest. You get interest on the initial amount you…

A few years ago, investor and crypto evangelist Naval Ravikant was asked, “What would you be working on if you were 25 again?”

Naval’s reply:

“An unstoppable, uncensorable social media platform.”

In other words, he’d be working on a technological platform that puts science and code ahead of cronyism and censorship. This is the foundation of Beefy Finance.

Some other values we align ourselves with:

Trustless, open-source, decentralized, scalable, transparent, community-driven, cross-chain, autonomous, sustainable, innovation, healthy treasury, contribution rewards, developer bounties, safe.

In practical terms, our sustainable tokenomics mean the day-to-day is unrelentingly focused on the product. We provide the greatest variety of vaults and the highest number of chains. …

P.S.P. French

Copywriter & Author

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